EDEN™ in the News

“Bush called such citizens ‘a thousand points of light” that “spread like stars throughout the nation, doing good.’ … Cheryl Gaines, senior pastor at ReGeneration House of Praise, had no real gardening experience when she got the idea to create an urban garden that would give local residents access to organic food while offering nutrition training and food handling certification to struggling women.” —The Washington Post

“We just celebrated its 1-year anniversary, and in that time, we’ve trained 25 people who have now received their food handler’s license. We’ve also provided people with the opportunity to get jobs, we’ve helped them develop economic empowerment and even been able to allow people to come and get some free food when they’re hungry. It’s been a phenomenal transformation since we started.” — Washington Examiner

“This looks like where I grew up. I grew up on chicken wings because there was no fresh food; no grocery stores. Even driving here today, I only saw fast food options. We want to help change that and change lives in the process, as we work together to build healthy communities and job skills.” — Dr. James E. Lyons, President of the University of the District of Columbia

“I think it’ll help us to start eating healthy. I think it’ll just make a difference, something that we can call our own.” — Cynthia Tillman, ABC7 News