The Future of our Youth

LJ EDEN June 8

Ward 8 has the lowest median income, fewest healthful food options, and highest rates of obesity in the District. However, it is home to the largest proportion of children in DC. With Project EDEN™, can we move from disparity to hope?

With our eyes open to challenges, we at Project EDEN™  believe in the resiliency and value of our community’s youth. We know that with a little support, we can help our community thrive.

Project EDENcombats poverty by training youth in small business development and helps them to acquire licenses, tools, and other resources that enable them to turn urban agriculture into a learning experience and business development.

Additionally, by focusing on hands-on training for youth in agriculture and hosting nutrition training and food demonstrations, Project EDEN seeks to create an environment where cultural norms that support obesity and poor nutrition will be challenged. As a whole, residents of Ward 8 will also benefit from being able to obtain specialty crops from this project, participating in nutrition classes and food demonstration trainings.

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