Shine On: The Light of EDEN™

The Light of EDEN

One night in September, I had gone to EDEN™ at about 9 pm after a very long day. 
I had to prepare for our next day’s dedication of the aquaponics facility.  When I arrived it was all lit up and looked absolutely beautiful.  When I exited my car I saw some folks who had gathered at the fence and I heard some talking.  I wondered what was going on and when I got close to the greenhouse, a neighbor, Ms. Helen, was outside wearing her house dress talking roughly to the man who had been rattling the chain on the gate to the greenhouse.

She told me that she had told him to leave that greenhouse alone. He turned out to be the man who had built it for us, but he had forgotten the code to the lock. She went on to say that she had told him “If you built it, then how come you can’t get in?”  I was overjoyed with what had happened as other neighbors had gathered as well and were backing her up.A year earlier all of our computers from our youth computer lab that were housed in the building on the second floor were stolen in the middle of the night out of a window and a hole was cut in the ceiling.  No one heard anything, saw anything or said anything.

We are changing the very character of that area in Jesus’ mighty name as a year later the neighbors heard the chain on the fence rattling and mobilized.  The community now owns this garden as its own and we are bringing light where so much darkness had preceded it.