What does EDEN™ Mean to You?


We know that EDEN™ means Everyone Deserves to Eat Naturally™, but God gave me another way of thinking about EDEN™ and that is Everyone Doing Everything Necessary to make a positive Difference.

What is EDEN™ about?  Yes, it is about jobs, good nutrition, healthy food, small business training in urban agriculture and food handling.  But guess what? It is more about what we can do together to make sure that Ward 8 is not only in the news for the negative things that are happening. We are bringing hope, positive change and community involvement to make sure that the light of EDEN™ will not go out but shine brightly to tell somebody, anybody, yea, everybody that we can make a difference with a vision, direction, commitment and a spirit of challenging the darkness.  We are Everyone Doing Everything Necessary to make a positive Difference in South East, in the District, in the nation and eventually in the world.

I sincerely thank God for all that we have been able to accomplish here together in a short period of time. I also thank all of you for your indulgence during the many strained times we have navigated what it is like to work as a church, Christian, non-Christian, university, business, scientist, professor, lawyer, preacher, nonprofit executive director, land owner, child, youth, young adult, senior citizen, religious worker, secular worker, attendant, volunteer, friend or community member…  We have been blessed to be able to pull together one of the most diverse and sometimes disparate interests ever for the sake of EDEN™. We still need you. 

We still need resources as we endeavor to help those whose choices have taken them down the wrong path but who can, with a little and sometimes a lot of help, be a part of the light of EDEN™ in South East.  We need volunteers with every skill set you can imagine. We need donations to continue EDEN™’s mission. And we need your prayers for the prayers of the righteous availeth much.