We at Project EDEN™  believe in the resiliency and value of our community. We know that with a little support, we can help our community thrive.

Mail checks to: Project EDEN 3754 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave SE #101 Washington, DC 20032

Your donations will go toward:

  • Combating poverty by training youth in small business development and helping them to acquire licenses, tools, and other resources that enable them to turn urban agriculture into a learning experience and business development.
  • Reducing crime by giving youth practical training, a supportive community, and employment opportunities.
  • Improving health by focusing on hands-on training for youth in agriculture and hosting nutrition training and food demonstrations. Project EDEN™ seeks to create an environment where cultural norms that support obesity and poor nutrition will be challenged. Residents of Ward 8 will also benefit from being able to obtain specialty crops from this project.

With your contribution, we can pay for:

  • Stipends for an urban agriculture trainer, a nutrition educator, and other instructors
  • Seeds
  • Food truck (to distribute and sell our produce)
  • Freezers
  • An irrigation and ventilation system
  • Workshop materials
  • Upkeep of our hoop house/green house
  • Expansion and by product development

and other expenses that contribute to the success of our programs.


Thank you for contributing!